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Lifestyle Virtual Marketplace

Where you can be intentional about how you spend your dollars.

What is    Open Market  work?

We all have a role to play in an equitable society and sustainable environment. Open Market is the future and we are on a mission to create visibility for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) and POC (People of Color) people.



Open Market is a virtual pop-up and marketplace that exclusively features BIPOC and POC brands. We curate spaces for artisans, creatives, educators, and wellness practitioners to showcase their products and services.


How does Open Market  work?

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Why do we do it.


Close the financial and technological divide within the BIPOC business ecosystem.


Curate spaces that create visibility for BIPOC businesses and culture. 


Cultivate spaces that promote wellness and compassion. 

OMGoodies Mystery Box

Packed with all things BIPOC and curated with love. 

Here's what folks are saying...

Honestly, for me, I felt you went above and beyond. All the scents were complimentary of one another and not overpowering. Appreciated the extras including the handwritten thank you, card with all the vendors in the box listed, mini postcard set, 10% off discount for my next box, throat chakra crystal -in my declutter group this week we were discussing the importance of unblocking you throat chakra - by the way the tea cookies are FIRE!


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Other ways to get involved...

It takes a village to build a community.


Sponsor an upcoming market and increase your brand visibility. Our curated packages are just right for you!


Know a BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) business and think we should know about them. Send them our way!

Share your feedback with us. 

We're building a community that supports you.

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