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Are you looking for a place to make sense of the world?

Each week, we gather for one (1) hour in a collective space where allies and future allies can support one another to combat racial, social and economic oppression. This is a safe space to ask questions, express thoughts, examine current news and reexamine American history. 

"I understand that I will NEVER understand but I STAND with you." (excerpt from our weekly pledge against bias)

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Your Facilitator
Imani Schectman

Traditionally trained in art and education, Imani Schectman ensures underrepresented persons are seen, heard, and understood. She began with visual arts services to help these powerful personalities to showcase their uniqueness. In 2020, she carried that same mission into a specialized virtual marketplace, called Open Market, and now into a diversity support group. This latest initiative will build the agents of change needed to truly allow all people to be represented.

"We are committed to providing a space
that empowers you to rewrite history.  " -- Imani

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